Modern Slavery Risk Management

Comply with Modern Slavery obligations using tools that help identify and manage modern slavery risks across multiple tiers of your organization’s supply chains. Data collection and analysis tools enable easier preparation of reports for regulatory and legislative compliance requirements.

Be Assured with our Modern Slavery module

AssureSuite has all the tools to streamline your responsible business and supply-chain due diligence commitments. We help you to turn ESG into opportunity.


  • Modern slavery risk identification tools designed to streamline statutory reporting obligations
  • Automated data collection and risk identification across statutorily enumerated risks
  • Multi-tier supply chain visibility tool to identify Tier 2+ supplier risks
  • Automated collection of key data requirements required to generate Ministerial Statements and reporting obligations

Assure yourself and your supply-chain partners

Being a responsible business requires a commitment to international and national best practice principles as well as being responsive to regulators, partners, stakeholders and NGOs. AssureSuite helps your organization meet ESG commitments with confidence.

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