Blockchain Storage

Critical data and documents of records can be securely stored using AssureSuite’s private blockchain storage option. Our blockchain network solution enables companies to share due diligence, chain of custody and other sensitive records ‘in confidence’ while also conforming to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) laws.

Be Assured with our Blockchain Storage module

AssureSuite has all the tools to streamline your responsible business and supply-chain due diligence commitments. We help you to turn ESG into opportunity.


  • Options for high performing ESG organizations to reinforce and safeguard claims about ethical and sustainable performance
  • Secure and immutable real-time time stamping and storage of data and documents having legal significance such as ESG assessment statuses over time
  • Dynamic document exchange verification capabilities for transactional interactions such as chain of custody transfer forms

Assure yourself and your supply-chain partners

Being a responsible business requires a commitment to international and national best practice principles as well as being responsive to regulators, partners, stakeholders and NGOs. AssureSuite helps your organization meet ESG commitments with confidence.

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